Peace Is Here



As you start your day take a moment to pause and place your hand over your heart and remind yourself: Peace Is Here. It’s not in some tangible material object or in the hands of another person, but rather within you and your reach at all times.


Peace of Mind



We spend our lives striving for riches,

but there is no treasure greater than peace of mind!

The Entrance to Sanctuary



When seeking sanctuary remember that the answer lies in searching within not without…

A Peaceful Heart

June Positive Affirmations Wallpapers2


When there is peace within,

it expands and becomes reflected

in your outer world

Bring you Peace…


Peace comes not from without but from within if you know how to listen…




Peace can be found from within and multiplied

by spreading it through your thoughts, words and actions…

Peace Within…

bring peace


When you find that inner peace within yourself

you will find that it becomes simple

to spread it to those around you…