Peace Is Here



As you start your day take a moment to pause and place your hand over your heart and remind yourself: Peace Is Here. It’s not in some tangible material object or in the hands of another person, but rather within you and your reach at all times.


This Early Morning



Its a beautiful new day and its greeting you with all its beauty ready to share its wealth…what will you do today to honor the gifts it gives?

One Kind Word

goldenruleOne kind word can go a long way

in the direction of your day as well as those around you.

What will be your kind word of the day

to encourage, motivate and spread love to others today?


Happiness Set Free



What does happiness set free feel like? It is an amazing energy that radiates from within and that touches everyone you come into contact with in a way that is nothing short of genuine and beautiful…are you ready to set your happiness free?

The Best Things



Material things may bring you moments of joy or fun, but when it comes down to it the best thing in life are not things, but the people in your life and the beautiful experiences and the moments you are blessed to share with them

Inner Peace

inner peace--control your own emotions


Never forget that you and only you can uncover the inner peace within you…

do not allow others to assume they have control over it

Life Is Pretty Amazing


Sometimes we get so caught up in the little day to day problems that we forget that life is pretty amazing.