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How You’re Causing More Acne..



If I were to say we all want beautiful healthy skin I’m sure many of you would agree with me. Yet, there are many things that we do on a daily basis that can be preventing us from having that beautiful skin. Whether we are doing them consciously or subconsciously, here are some things that you might be doing that are causing you to have the “acne blues”.

Stop touching your face!

This is one of the things that we do all the time unconsciously without realizing that we’re doing it. We are constantly touching our face in one way or another and all that is doing is transferring dirt and bacteria all over our face. Keep your hands off your face! I know, it seems easier said than done, but it is something that you will have to start working on if you want your skin to look its best. Try to become more conscious of your face touching habits and stop yourself as soon as you catch yourself doing it. Another good way to stop yourself from touching your face is to let friends and family know that you are trying to stop from doing it. This is great because they can call you out when they catch you in the act. Trust me, many times you want even notice that you are doing it so this helps out a ton!

 No Picking!

Yes, this goes hand in hand with the touching your face, but even more specifically picking your acne. We know how frustrating it can be to see blackheads or acne that seems “ready to go”  and not pick at it, but when you do so you’re actually making it worse. There is a big difference between you picking at your face and having a clinical aesthetician extricate all the impurities from your face. For starters, when you pick at your face you usually aren’t doing it under fully sanitized conditions. In fact, many times what you end up doing is pushing and spreading the impurities deeper into your skin and creating blood clots that can become inflamed and infected. Can you say, YUCK!” You also are not, though you may think you are, educated in the subtle nuances of the skin and the subtle reactions that indicate that you may be further harming and irritating your skin. A clinical aesthetician, however, is trained to spot the signs and will know: how to properly extract impurities and even when your skin has had enough and needs a break.

Can You Say Dehydration!

The Sahara has nothing on your skin. If you find yourself drinking water to slake a fierce thirst guess what…you have gone well beyond dehydrating your body and thus your skin. Research has found that we should be drinking about half our weight in ounces of water, in order to provide our bodies and skin with the water that is so necessary for proper function. While some rise to the challenge many more do not and so our bodies and skin suffer. Think about it: if you are not giving your body the amount of water it requires to keep the organs in your body functioning properly, how can you expect it to keep your skin acne free and glowing? Try giving yourself water reminders to keep you on track and remember if you are overly thirsty, it is your body screaming SOS and you need to step it up!

Pancake Face…

Nobody enjoys going out for the evening with a full on acne breakout, so what do we do ladies? We go out and we find all the make-up we can to cover it up as best as we can. If we are particularly skilled, we may even be able to create make-up magic as teen acne-concealer guru, Cassandra Banksons, pictured below:



While no one can deny how amazing the cover-up is, it’s just that: a cover and not the answer to your acne problem. Yes, having acne, especially if it is severe can be very traumatic and your first instinct may be to cover it up, but caking make-up on your face will add to the irritation and can cause more acne to surface. We understand there may be occasions when you will want to cover up your acne, but try to restrain from overdoing it when it comes to make-up. For instance, if you’re going to be home all day there is no need to have a full face of make-up on. Let your skin breath and it will thank you for it. If you find that you absolutely have to wear make-up try to go as light as possible and make sure to wash your face clear of make-up before going to bed.

The Sun and Acne..?

Summer is in full swing and for the most part we are all out and about enjoying some fun in the sun as much as possible. While your doing so, however, do not forget to protect your skin from the sun with sunblock. You should always wear sunblock, regardless of whether you have any skin conditions or not, but if you have acne not using sunblock can actually make your condition worse! Initially, sun exposure may seem like it’s helping your skin clear up, but in reality what it is doing is drying up your skin. This will give the illusion of improvement, but will then cause your skin to start overproducing oils to make up for the dryness. Needless, to say this is not a good thing! So next time you’re getting ready to start your day remember to apply some sunscreen to your face at least 30 minutes before you’re expecting to step out.


 Self-Diagnosing and Prescribing

You’ve had acne since you hit puberty and you have a distinct understanding of your acne. You are intimately familiar with the skincare section at your local Walgreen’s or CVS. You may find that you start using something and it may work for awhile, but then the effects taper off and at times you find yourself even worse off then when you started. Guess what? There’s a reason that you have gone through products left and right in your attempt to clear your skin to no avail and it is simply this: you are not a trained professional. As much as you want to believe you know what your skin needs,  the truth is that you don’t because if you did you wouldn’t have that bathroom cabinet full of products that have failed to produce long term results. Our skin changes so what may have once worked may in fact end up doing us harm later on.

So What Are You Supposed To Do….

I cannot stress this enough: go see a professional clinical aesthetician! Your clinical aesthetician will perform a skin analysis, which will help to properly access the severity of your condition. Once this is done, a regiment can be created specifically tailored to help your specific needs. Remember, everyone is different so it should not be any surprise that what may work for one person may not necessarily work for another. More importantly, as stated above, your skin changes over time and as such your clinical aesthetician can keep track of these changes and change your regiment accordingly.

Now in order for you to have progress, you must be willing to commit to following the instructions given to you by your clinical aesthetician to the letter. Believe me it seems like common sense, but many times people will start to undergo treatments and then will either fall off in their visitations or will keep up with their in-spa treatments, but will not follow the at home regiment recommended. This does your skin and your clinical aesthetician little justice. You cannot expect to go in and have an amazing procedure done and then go back to your old ways at home and achieve beautiful skin. You also cannot expect to have years of accumulated damage repaired overnight. You need to go in with realistic expectations of what the process will be like and the results you can expect.

If you live in the South Florida area and have been dealing with ongoing acne, give us a call at My Vida Spa: (305) 663-1402. We can schedule an appointment for you with one of our experienced clinical aestheticians for a free skin analysis and get you on the road to having the beautiful acne-free skin you deserve.


D’Vine Skincare Line: A Decadent Anti-Aging System

d-vine_splash_copy1   After a long day of work or a hectic day running around after your kids, a nice glass of wine with the girls over dinner can definitely help you to unwind and simply relax. For awhile now, we have been hearing doctors talk about the health benefits of having a glass of wine over dinner, but what if I told you that it also provides anti-aging ingredients?  D’vine skincare has taken the wine glass a day theory one step further by providing a line of skincare that is made from fine wine, grape and vine extracts to create an anti-aging system that will have your skin drunk in love with the results!

   The line is so intoxicatingly effective that it is hailed as favorite by many Hollywood stars. Who you might ask? Well, look no further than “We Are the Millers” star and TV’s 90’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston. The star is a huge fan of the line and if we may say so if you’re looking for proof of results, Ms. Aniston is quite a spokesperson for beautiful skin. The actress seems to defy aging and some would argue that she looks better now at 44 then during her “Friends” days. With D’vine on her list of skincare, however, we can totally see why.


Another fan of the line is British singer – songwriter Joss Stone, who, as pictures show, has maintained her baby faced features.


  So what makes it so amazing? Well, it turns out that grapes are a source of powerful antioxidants. So much so that the stems, skin and the seeds of grapes can be considered little miracle workers when it comes to the effects they can have on your complexion. D’vine products are loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols, resveratrol and other nutrients that replenish and revitalize the body’s largest organ: the skin. So what exactly do these ingredients do for your skin? Let’s take a quick look:


Grape Seed Extracts 

• Accelerates healing
• Acts as an antioxidant
• Promotes capillary strength
• Helps decrease bruising


Wine extracts

• Helps Vitamin C enter the body
• Acts as an anti-inflammatory
• Acts as an antihistamine
• Acts as a free radical scavenger
• Promotes tissue elasticity
• Reduces swelling
• Helps prevent bruising


Pomegranate Extracts 

• Rich in polyphenols
• Acts as a free radical scavenger
• Facilitates collagen synthesis
• Acts as an antioxidant


Wine Phytoalexins 

• Supports the capillaries and health of the skin from free radical damage
• Acts as a free radical scavenger
• Acts as an anti-inflammatory
• Stimulates collagen synthesis
• Blocks harmful effects of UV-B radiation
• Calms the skin



• Stimulates collagen synthesis
• Acts as an anti-inflammatory

  D’vine products are also Paraben-free, a big plus in our book. So just what are parabens and what’s the big deal? Parabens are a class of chemicals that are widely used by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies to prevent bacteria growth and extend the shelf life of products. The concentrations of natural antioxidants in the wine extracts found in D’vine, however, eliminate the need for chemical preservatives. Can you say Ah-mazing! Personally, any time I can avoid chemicals it’s a good thing.

   Another big plus for me with this line is that it also encourages healthy skin by using safe and chirally-correct extracts. Okay, what does chirally-correct mean? Time for a quick lesson (don’t worry it will be painless 😉 ) Many important nutrients are chiral, that is they come in a right-handed and a left-handed form, of which only one is accepted by our bodies. The other sided molecule will not be accepted and will hang around causing irritation or other damage to the skin. “Chirally correct” products only include the side of a chiral molecule that is accepted by our bodies, hence bypassing the irritation and damage.

   After learning about all the great benefits to be gained from the ingredients in D’vine’s skincare line and from vine therapy, there was no way that I could pass up on the opportunity to try it out. If you read the post on the ‘Une Olive de Provence” skincare line we posted previously, then you know by now that my skin had been less than fabulous lately. As such, in addition to the shower gel from Une Olive de Provence, the lovely ladies at My Vida Spa introduced me to D’vine’s Pinot Noir Body Cleanser. This was great because it gave me the option of trying them out and seeing what would work best for me.


  First things first, the scent is positively decadent. It’s like having a fine wine uncorked in your shower. It’s neither too strong nor too weak, on the contrary, it is just enough to linger on the skin without becoming overwhelming. The only problem you might have with the scent is that your significant other may find you to be too intoxicating (though that’s a problem I’m betting most of us won’t mind). Beyond its wonderful scent, the cleanser was highly effective at leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed, as well as smooth.The fact that it is also infused with Shea butter and fruit enzymes, which work to moisturize and protect, while also encouraging gentle exfoliation and cell turnover really won me over.

   My skin had been really sensitive and irritated prior to starting the body cleanser. Initially, I had started off with the Une Olive de Provence shower gel and then began alternating between the two. I would use one for a week and then switch off to the other one. I noticed that during the time I was using the body cleanser my skin gradually became smoother and the redness that I had become accustomed to dealing with from my skin being constantly irritated had become nonexistent.The results have been beautiful, smoother, younger looking skin and who wouldn’t love that!

   The difference in my skin has definitely made this a welcome addition in my shower, so much so that I will definitely be picking up and trying out some of their other products. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to rejuvenate and revive their skin. My Vida Spa carries the line of D’vine products and will be more than happy to help you pick up exactly what you need. So give them a call at (305) 663-1402 and start turning the clock back!


Rhonda Allison Skincare Line


  Taking care of your skin can be quite a process. Figuring out what type of skin I had was quite the challenge and it drove me crazy, but I thought,”Great now that I know what type of skin I have it”ll be a breeze finding the right products to deal with it”. WRONG! See, while I knew what skin type I was, I still found myself wading through a veritable sea of products. I tried this for a while and then tried that, but I kept finding myself, like many others, back at the shelves looking for something that would really work for me.


   See the problem is that quite often there isn’t just one problem, but several. You may have acne and hyper pigmentation, but when you start searching for products you’ll find that they will help you with one or the other, but rarely both. While some products may do a great job in what they are tailored for, they may actually end up irritating the other conditions that your skin may be dealing with unknowingly. This makes little sense if what you are looking for is to get your skin to its best state of being.

  Another issue I have found is that quite often, is the fact that these products are meant for broad audiences. So you may be saying, “Yeah, that makes sense. So what’s the problem?’ Well quite simply, though you may have combination skin like a bunch of other people, the way your skin reacts to a product may not be the same way they react to it. It’s like when you go out and buy a one size fits all article of clothing. Men may not deal with this often, but the ladies will understand when I state that the use of that phrase is highly deceptive. Quite often, the garment will be too big or too small in some area or another, creating pockets of unattractive space. Honestly, I have a feeling that those garments never really fit anyone to the “tee” as they claim.


   This is where the Rhonda Allison Skin Care line is different. Founded by internationally recognized and respected esthetician Rhonda Allison, the Rhonda Allison skin care line truly takes skin care to the next level. With a wide selection of products that includes specific treatment lines for a variety of skin types and temperaments, this line has the perfect skin care solution no matter what your condition amy be or your age. Be it a question of slowing down your skin’s aging process, halting premature aging in its tracks, or simply improving the quality of your damaged, sensitive, dry, oil, acne-prone, or combination skin, you’re sure to find something that is just right for you. In fact, anyone looking for an enhanced, smooth, and supple complexion will find what they’re looking for with Rhonda Allison skin care line.

  What I love about the Rhonda Allison line is that you don’t have to sacrifice taking care of all your issues to deal with one first. Instead you are able to deal with the very specific and individual issues you are tackling through the creation of a “cocktail” of sorts that is custom combined for you. So no more picking and choosing…now you can have it all when it comes to skin care! Really take a moment to let that sink in. How amazing is it to know that you no longer have to deal with guessing and hoping a product will be right for you?

   As if the benefits of having a regiment created specifically for your needs weren’t enough, this line of products are truly on the cutting edge. They have been formulated with results in mind and if you inspect their labels you will find that they contain every active ingredient you’d want to achieve the outcomes your seeking. More to the point, they contain these ingredients at the PH, formulation and concentration levels that are proven to be most effective. This to me is of particular importance because you can have a product that has all the right ingredients, but if they don’t contain the right levels in these different areas you’re just wasting your time and money. 

  The line is a perfect marriage of science and nature which makes for a products that set a high standard in excellence. The whole line is free of artificial fragrances and colors. By working with only the best possible ingredients found in nature nature and the best in the labs of certified chemists and physicians, this line succeeded in creating a professional quality skin care solution that can be used right at home. A big bonus, at least in my book, is that the line does not conduct animal testing and the exterior packaging of the products are recyclable. I say exterior because the interior tube that actually comes into contact with the product is not, but these are easily separated.

Rhonda Allison products have long been used by estheticians in spa treatments to provide the type of results guaranteed to leave your skin looking its best. Is it any wonder that it’s take home line flies off the shelves? At My Vida Spa we are constantly restocking to keep our clients happy. Give us a call at (305) 663-1402 and come in for a FREE skin analysis. You may be surprised by your results and by how you can accomplish the results you’ve been dreaming of with help of the Rhonda Allison skin care line.