Chocolate Addiction



My kingdom for a piece of fine chocolate! We, for the most part, all love chocolate, but if you have to hie your affinity for chocolate or find yourself hiding away to enjoy that sweet delectable square of chocolate you my friend may have a chocolate addiction. Chocolate addiction?! Yes, I said chocolate addiction…chocohalics anonymous unite! Chocolate is great, but all the sugar that’s added to it is definitely not great for your skin or overall health. If you find yourself overly attached to chocolate, however, don’t worry there is help: Hypnotherapy! Hypnosis can help you to curb that serious chocolate addiction and by default help your skin at the same time! So what are you waiting for…pick up the phone and call today! (305) 663-1402





After a long day full of hard work and stress,

why not reward yourself with a soothing session of AromaTouch therapy…

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AromaTouch can help in assisting homeostasis,

which maintains balance in the autonomic nervous system…

how awesome is that!

Benefits of AromaTouch: Inflammation Relief



Dealing with back problems?

Did you know that AromaTouch can help you

to relieve inflammation which can cause your back pain?

Benefits of AromaTouch: Strengthen Immune System



Did you know that AromaTouch can help to strengthen the immune system?

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and get your immune system in gear for this holiday season!

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Benefits of Acupuncture: Stress Relief



Is work leaving you stressed out and out of sorts? Give us a call to find out how acupuncture can start helping you say goodbye to stress and its effects today!                                                      (305) 663-1402